Property Walk-Through                        

Real Estate Investing is exciting and financially rewarding.  Most investors have a strategy when choosing investment properties to help you reach your goals.  One of those strategies is selecting a property to invest in.  Some investors don’t have time to visit several potential investment properties.  That’s where MII Property Assistants will come in and save you the time and travel associated with viewing properties.  This service is great for long distance investors but also convenient for investors in the Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia and Delaware.

So let MII Property Assistants walk-through the dilapidated, animal soiled or abandoned properties while you concentrate on your next deal.  Contact US TODAY!!!



  • water damage
  • holes in floors
  • damaged wall
  • leaky roofs & pipes
  • things that may be missing from the pictures provided by the seller
  • and much more

 Where to Look for Investment Properties

  • MLS
  • Craigslist
  • Newspaper Classifieds
  • Yard Signs
  • Zillow

Tenant Walk-Through Inspections

It is important that tenant walk-through inspections are conducted to document the condition of the property for damages or alterations that may have done to the property by tenants.  Don’t wait until the end of the lease to conduct awalk-through of your properties, because it could leave you with more repairs than expected.  Some tenants don’t feel the need to bother the landlords for things like dripping pipes and broken handrails which can lead to bigger problems over time.  Advantages of Tenant Walk-Through Inspections

  1. Identify damages in excess of normal wear and tear
  2. Anticipate repair cost
  3. Gives tenants time to make repairs
  4. Decide what will be deducted from security deposit

MII Property Assistants provides these services to property owners who may live out-of-state from their properties or those who live in the area and choose to self-manage.

Completing a Walk-Through when Tenants are present

When tenants are present during a walk-through they tend to ask lots of questions when it comes to damages they created.  They want to know if it’s okay, will they have to do the repairs, how much is it going to cost, and so on….. this can backs landlords into a corner.  This can be avoided when using MII to complete walk-through inspections.  Since we are a third-party with no attachments to the property, this reduces the need to affirm the results of our findings while on the property.  Our comprehensive reports are submitted to you with photos and/or videos.

Check with your local laws and lease for regulations regarding tenant walk-through inspections.

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